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  • 1-Week Puppy Board and Train Package


    For 7 days we keep your puppy (minimum age 8 weeks) and begin creating daily routines to help your dog learn how to live with your family. We start basic house manners, potty training, and crate training. This package also includes 6 weekly training sessions, a harness, leash, clicker, and treat bag.

  • 2-Week Puppy Board and Train Package


    This package includes everything listed in the 1-week package, plus an introduction to grooming, proper play to manage biting behaviors, and socialization with dogs, people, and new environments.

  • Puppy Foundation Package


    This package gives you and your puppy a solid foundation to prepare for future obedience training. During lessons, the Off-Leash K9 trainer will teach you the most efficient way to potty train and kennel train your puppy. As the lessons progress, our trainer will teach you how to create a strong relationship with your new companion and build your puppy’s confidence using positive reinforcement training. We introduce proper play, appropriate socialization (to prevent reactivity or aggressive behaviors later in your dog’s life), and build a foundation of obedience games.

  • Puppy Training Consultation


    This consultation will give you a good foundation to prepare your pup for future basic obedience training. During the consult, the Off Leash K9 trainer will teach you the most efficient way to potty and kennel train your dog. During the session the trainer will also teach you the proper way to implement “confidence building routines” in order to help the dog be less afraid of things of the world prior to beginning formal obedience training once it turns 5month old. During the consultation the trainer will answer any questions you have regarding your dogs kennel, potty and confidence building phase of life. This consultation takes about an 1.5 hours and is a $150 investment.